Installing ArticleMS

To install ArticleMS:

   1. Extract files from the ZIP.
   2. Rename settings.php.txt to settings.php, and upload all the extracted files to your hosting space (Important: make sure set your FTP program to upload in 'Binary' mode and not ASCII) .
   3. Setup permissions to writable for the following files and directories:
        settings.php (chmod 666)
        /uploads/  (chmod 777)
        /uploads/images/  (chmod 777)
        /uploads/files/  (chmod 777)
        /skins/export/ (chmod 777)
        /skins/ (chmod 777)
        /pdf/ (chmod 777)      
        /_cache/ (chmod 777)      (if you want to enable caching)
        /plugins/export/ (chmod 777)   (if you plan to develop plugins)
   4. If you don't already have a database created, create one using
      your host's provided tools. (You may use an existing database if
      you like, if you have one.) Also be sure you've set up a mysql
      username and given the username access to this database.
   5. Using your web browser, visit /install/index.php (in the directory you
      uploaded it to).   
   6. Follow the instructions on screen, supplying your database info
      and creating an administrative username and password -- be sure to
      remember your password.
   7. Once the installation is complete, you must delete the /install/ directory, as it can be a security risk.


  1. Hello ,

    I try to install ArticleMS, But when i readen on last step than show that error

    " Table 'online12_get.ams_users' doesn't exist "

    What i do? Any solution
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